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Posted by Zendure Team

It’s always an annoying thing to wait for a long time for the charging, especially when you need to go out in a short time. Well, now with following tips in fast charging, you don’t have to fuzz about the charging time problem anymore. Before exploring further details, let’s have a look at the logic behind charging your devices first.

The Science Behind Charging Your Devices

How exactly does charging work on your iPad? Let's break it down.

Watt (W): Total power and capacity of either a battery or an adapter.

Amps (A): The current at which power can flow between a charger and a battery.

Voltage (V): The amount of power being pushed from an adapter.

When you charge an iPad, iPhone, or computer, you're resupplying its battery (measured in watt-hours) from a power source like a wall outlet, usually via an adapter. That adapter controls how much power you can get (volts) from that outlet, and the speed at which you get it (amps). Those two factors multiplied result in the adapter's total available power.

So how can you tell which adapter is best for your device? It's not about total watts — it's all about the amps and voltage. Modern iPhones and iPads support charging up to a current of 2.4A at 5V, while older devices charge around 1A at 5V. To get the best adapter for your device, you want one that charges at the appropriate amps (1-2.4A) while supplying the right amount of voltage.

Whether you're trying to quickly charge your iPad Pro, or iPad Mini, these charging tips can work for any adapter and help you get back to your tablet as quickly as possible. And following first four tips are all centered on one major step, that is to minimize your battery drain.

1. Power it off

Human and any creature need rest to recharge; likewise, iPads need the break down time too. If you can stop using your tablet for a little while when it’s charging, or just shut it down and let it focus entirely on charging, that would be really helpful for charging fast and it’s conducive to prolong the battery life as well.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode

If you don’t want shut the iPad down totally, enabling Airplane Mode could reach the safe effect. By doing so you're able to put the Wi-Fi radio to sleep, which immediately takes a load off the battery.

3. Make sure it's asleep

Someone may deem it as an obvious act while others may seem completely out of the blue because it’s totally depending on your habits. But putting your iPad to sleep is a great idea if you want to fast charge. When you let your iPad rest, it keeps the battery from being simultaneously drained by the display and backlight while it's trying to accept a wall charge.

4. If you have to use your iPad, be gentle

If you absolutely have to keep using your iPad while it's charging, you can at least turn off unnecessary apps and connections, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to avoid unnecessary battery drain. Also, turn down the screen brightness and avoid using battery-draining apps as well as disable Background App Refresh and Location Services would add to the effect.

5. Don't use the iPhone charger or your computer's USB port

The iPhone's 5W USB charger isn't terrible for charging the iPhone, but you do not want to use it to charge your iPad — it only charges devices at 1000mA in comparison to the iPad's standard 2400mA charger. USB ports on a computer are even worse, offering a paltry 500mA charging speed. If you have no other options, you will get some charge, but it's not going to be quick.

However if the above tips still fail to solve your battery shortage problem, then you could consider take a portable charger back home to keep the iPad full charge all the time even when you are out. Here our recommendation is Zendure X6 Power Bank and USB Hub. All remarkable features are built in a lighter and smaller body compared to other 20,100 mAh PD power banks.