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Posted by Zendure Team

As we know, Google launched Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub in New York on October 9. Pixel 3/3 XL has three appearance options: Just Black, Clearly White and Not Pink, and each one is lovely.

Pixel 3/3 XL is based on Qualcomm snapdragon 845 platform, which has 4GB of running memory and provides 64GB/128GB storage version. The hardware doesn't look bright, but its optimized camera algorithm makes Pixel 3/3 XL a regular in DxOMark's top five. DxOMark commented that “Google Pixel 3 camera review: The best Pixel yet”. Their camera has a rear 12.2 megapixel single shot, F/1.8 aperture, and a front 8 megapixel "wide Angle + ultra wide Angle" dual shot. It's super wide Angle lens can provide up to 97 ° Angle of view for many people to take selfies. In addition to the usual HDR Plus mode, Pixel 3 XL improves the photo experience by adding more AI features to the camera. Besides taking photos, AI is undoubtedly the most eye-catching part of this mobile phone. At the Google I/O conference, Android Pie drew attention to AI assistants with its powerful assistant, and this time Google has brought this technology to Pixel 3 XL.

As the charging performance that we care a lot today, Google Pixel 3 XL has a mediocre charging speed actually. It has a 3430mAh battery, and supports up to 10W wireless charging and 18W fast charging. So, are there other ways to charge Google Pixel 3 XL faster?

Fast charging is popular because of its convenience and advancement, however, the security system is one of its big problems. So, Google Pixel 3 XL’s 18W charging speed is nothing to be surprised at because it has been compromised due to safety. Luckily, you have a better choice here.

Not Just Ultra-Fast, but Super-Safe: Zendure X6 Portable Charger

Professional teams and brands are more reliable generally, and Zendure is one of the most professional and absorbed teams in charging accessories manufacture. Every product of Zendure has to go through different kinds of safety protection against short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging, etc. And also, each finished product would be inspected in dozens of multi-faceted ways before behind sold. In a word, for Zendure’s products, safety comes first.

However, with the introduction and R&D of advanced charging technologies, the charging speed of Zendure’s chargers or portable chargers isn’t compromised to be slow, specifically, it’s a leader in charging industry. Take Zendure X6 recommended today as an example, it could provide 45W Power Delivery USB-C output equipped with the latest PD fast-charging technology. That means you could charge Google Pixel 3 Xl twice as fast than its original charger! Besides, as to QC 2.0/3.0 equipped devices, like Galaxy S7, S8 Plus and Note 8,Zendure X6 is able to charge them up to 80% in just 35 minutes thanks to ZEN+ 2.0 smart quick charge port. Once you have X6, all of you MacBook, iPhone X, Nintendo Switch and any QC 2.0/3.0 equipped devices can use this one universal power bank.

Besides the regular devices with a middle or large battery, X6 can also charge unlimited range of low power devices, for example, Apple watch, other smart-watches, Beats wireless earphones, Fitbit fitness bands, Raspberry PI. This is really a powerful function rare to achieve in the market, but Zendure has accomplished this. By the way, with a 20,100mAh super-large capacity, Zendure X6 could charge these gadgets many times over.

Thus, it is no wonder that Zendure X6 was originated from one of the most successful portable charger crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo, it was trusted by over 2,000 backers worldwide. A buyer commented X6 on Zendure.com, “Perfect one! This charger has sufficient power to charge several device at the same time. It operates so fast! More importantly, it can charge my MacBook!! I have no more concern on finding a plug to charge if my MacBook is power off.”

To find a charger which is safe enough is easy, while it’s difficult to find a fast, durable and versatile charger or portable charger when safety is 100% ensured. Luckily some faithful brands absorbed in charging field for years perform well. When you want to find something to charger your devices faster, you still need to take safety protection into consideration, thus professional and faithful brands would be your best and easiest choice.