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Posted by Bryan Liu

Huawei sub-brand Honor has launched its flagship smart phone for Europe and other Asian markets: the Honor 10. This device is based on the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro but has made some compromises to reach its price tag of less than $662.49.

Honor 10 Takes on the Competition 

In Europe and Asia, the Honor 10 directly takes on the OnePlus 6 which is no small feat. The slightly lower price tag does give the Honor 10 an edge over its competitors, and its packed to the brim with top-notch specs, and outperforms others as well. Nowadays mobiles are equipped with more and more functions and carry increasing expectations. It’s very important for companies to guarantee the battery charging speed and life span because of our increasing reliance on it. If you are interested in buying the Honor 10, you must want to know how to charge it fast, which is one of the most concerning question for many phone users.

First from its specs, we can see that Honor 10 supports quick charge with 3400mAh non -removable battery. Before we further explore the means to fast charge Honor 10, let’s see how to achieve fast charging first.

How to Charge Faster

In general, there are six ways to help you speed up the fast charging: 1. Get the right plug and charger. 2. Put it into airplane mode. 3. Turn it off. 4. Use a battery-saving mode. 5. Switch off unnecessary features. 6. Buy a portable USB charger.

First and foremost thing is to get the right plug and charger. Although Android chargers have a universal fitting, that doesn't mean they're all the same. Connecting your charging cable to a laptop is a bad idea if you want to charge your phone quickly: a USB 2.0 port chucks out just 2.5 watts of power, while USB 3 delivers 4.5 watts. Your wall charger will deliver much more, so this is the best bet if you want the speediest charging.

For Honor 10 its original cable and charger are of the quality of quick charging with its 4.5A 5V input.  

Secondly, you may put it into airplane mode. Because the less your phone is running while it's charging, the more quickly it will get recharged. Airplane mode blocks any wireless radios on your device, reducing your phone's capabilities and so it will charge more quickly.

Your phone won't receive calls or messages while it's in airplane mode, but it’s worthwhile to have a device that will stay on for the next few hours.

Thirdly, turning your phone off completely will allow it to recharge even faster than putting it in airplane mode. Again, you might miss out on a few notifications while it is off, but you'll have to live with that if you want your phone to last until you come home again.

Fourthly, you can use a battery-saving mode. Ever since the upgrade of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android devices have generated a battery saving mode. (usually Settings>Battery>Battery Saver). Switch this on to conserve power while your phone recharges.

In addition, switching off unnecessary features would also be a complementary and recommendable move. Check to see if you have any unnecessary and power consuming things still running, such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi or NFC. Close all your apps and stop your phone from doing automatic backups or updating apps from the Google Play Store.

Last but not least, try to get a portable USB charger. This won't actually charge your phone faster, but it will solve the problem of having a low battery and not enough time to fully charge it. Carry one of these in your pocket and you can charge your phone on-the-go so that you don't have to worry about that last minute dash to pump some juice into it. Portable USB chargers by Zendure come in small, lightweight packages and actually do provide fast charging. Let’s see more details about Zendure A8PD 26,800mAh portable charger.

It provides super-fast USB-C charge/recharge, which aptly meets the needs of USB-C Honor 10. Thanks to 30W power delivery, it charges iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus or honor 10 devices up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Furthermore, it is the first 5-port USB PD power bank. So in addition to charging 5 devices simultaneously, USB-C PD port provides faster charging for devices, of course including Honor 10.

As a brand trusted by more than 100k fans worldwide, pick it.